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We research the variation of things to go far by innovation; and pursue our goals wisely by observing how a sea embraces the flows of numerous rivers. South Light will strive to stay on top of the industry by exploring the vast world, prioritizing technology, and gaining a good reputation everywhere in a bold and generous manner.

A Passionate Sail through the World to Cast Glory

Nantong South Light Electronic Material Co., Ltd. (“South Light”) is founded in 2001 and located at Nantong Economic & Technological Development Area, Jiangsu Province. With registered capital of RMB84 million, South Light is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and sales of electrode foil for high-performance aluminum electrolytic capacitors. As one of China Top 100 Electronic Component Enterprises and a leading company in the electrode foil industry, South Light focuses on the future, keeps making innovation, makes progress ambitiously, integrates high-quality resources ceaselessly, deploys advanced equipment, and builds a core team of its own members. It relies on “One Workstation, One Center” to promote the Industry-University-Institute Collaboration. To carry out R&D activities effectively, the Company has established a postdoctoral workstation and an engineering technology R&D center. It possesses a specialized R&D team with abundant experiences and strong independent R&D capacity. Recognized as Nantong Municipal Technological Center, the Company has successfully developed a dozen of new technologies for production of electrode foil, gained 5 invention patents and 10 utility model patents, and applied for 3 pending invention patents and 10 pending utility model patents. How to remain invincible in the fierce market competition is a major issue faced by every enterprise. South Light has advanced manufacturing technologies and process controls. Its products conform to the requirements of EU RoHS Directive. Its high-voltage and high CV electrode foil and low-leakage and medium and high voltage formed foilhave been recognized by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province as the high-tech products of Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile, the electrode foil for motor running capacitors fills up the domestic blank. The product performance reaches the international advanced level. While supplying goods to the aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers well known in China, the Company also exports its products to USA, UK, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Korea, and other countries and regions, and gain extensive popularity with customers. At present, the Company mainly focuses on medium/high voltage electrolytic foil with high technical content and high added value; it possesses a complete series of high-performance medium/high voltage etched foil and formed foil, and makes products of special specifications to satisfy the customers’ different demands. Moreover, South Light makes uninterrupted efforts through technological R&D and technical innovation to push forward the urban sustainable development and environmental protection. In order to make our lives greener, the Company utilizes the waste acid generated in the electrolytic foil industry and the high-voltage electrolytic foil etching process as resources by separating aluminum ions from the mixture of sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid containing aluminum ions through the processes such as evaporation and concentration, cooling crystallization, and centrifugal separation. Such resources are turned into aluminum sulfate that may be sold directly as products. In this way, the Company recycles all recovered acids and liquids concentrated after evaporation to the production lines, thus realizing full utilization of waste acid as resources. This technology is achieved solely by physical methods without using any additive. It not only recycles all waste acid and realizes zero release of waste acid, but also gains certain income from waste acid control.

Forge Ahead Bravely to Harvest What We Have Planted

Countless honorary titles record the footprints of South Light. Innumerable care engraves the sweat of South Light people. All these motivate South Light people to become strong. On the road of electrode foil for high-performance aluminum electrolytic capacitors, South Light people never forget why they started, and always advance bravely, pursue excellence, and aim at the future.

Never forget why we started. Advance bravely. Pursue excellence. Aim at the future.